Monday, 28 March 2011

Time to up the mileage...

As spring gets underway we know that we need to increase our training, in particular we need longer rides, more mileage!!

So, Saturday started off a little disappointingly - after the beautiful weather of last week it seemed we took a step backwards. We had to revert to long bib tights and thermal vests - yes, it was that cold!

We met at our usual spot and cycled out to Congerstone and from there up the hill to Barton and then Nailstone. We then headed out to Thornton reservoir, taking in a couple of steepish hills on the way before passing through Bagworth. We paused there to have a look at the statue of 'The Miner' - Gary, being a mining engineer, had worked at Bagworth Pit many years ago and told me about how bad the fog used to be around the pit in winter - so bad infact that on one occasion whilst trying to get to work he had missed the entrance to the mine and ended up in the pub car park instead!
Gary with the Bagworth Miner

We had a quick burst of speed back into Nailstone and then the slog from Carlton up to Market Bosworth. From there we went quickly into open countryside through Cadeby, on to Sutton Cheney then the fast road to Upton where we paused for a drink at 'the bench'. After that it was a pleasant ride on a particularly smooth road to Shenton and then through Far Coton and on to Congerstone. We took a detour there and went via Bilstone up to Little Twycross and then another sprint to Snarestone and back to the starting point at Newton Burgoland. We split up there and both rode home - total for the day for me was 58 miles - and I was tired by the time I got back!!

Sunday was a slack day - friends over for Sunday lunch so I limited my ride to a very short 5 miles - really just to say I'd been out! But Monday warmed up nicely after a frosty start so I managed 30 miles this morning. I've done 640 miles so far for March - 3 days to go and I'd like to make it 700 - we'll see.

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