Friday, 1 April 2011

The magnificent 7 (hundred!)....

In a fit of bravado I have entered Gary and myself into the Round The World Bike Race which starts next February - We have plenty of time to train and LeJog will be the ideal start to the plan - and what an achievement if we succeed!

More immediate is my mileage for March. I managed the magnificent 700 (708.5 to be precise) - I'm reasonably pleased with that as a monthly total. I've ridden everyday for the whole of February and March and I've enjoyed it. Last Wednesday being the only really bad day - I got soaked through.

My intention for April is more of the same - and try to increase the mileage - riding two sessions a day where possible. I'm aiming for 800 miles minimum.

Our sponsorship is gradually creeping up - Total to March 31st is £2538.90.

By the way, the first paragraph above is an April Fool.

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  1. I don't think you have thought this one all the way through.