Monday, 4 April 2011

Only 62 days to go...

It's getting closer and closer and I have the most uncomfortable feeling - trepidation, nervouseness, misgivings??? - will we really manage it? I am afraid my pessimistic outlook is a trait I have long been predisposed to - I tend to think of the worst instead of concentrating on the positive. Mostly I think this propensity gives me the advantage of overwhelming joy when things work out - if they don't I can always say "well I knew that would happen" or whatever... But this challenge is by far the biggest physical endeavour I have ever undertaken and is therfore littered with pitfalls. Although I am trying to prepare as thoroughly as is possible I wonder will it be enough? - Is there something else I should be doing? - will my legs/body be up to it? - what will be the mental effect of all those hours sitting on a bike?? - what effect will the weather have? - will we be able to get up all those hills?.... The questions are endless and are becoming more intimidating as the start date moves ever closer. I think all I can really do is more of the same - ie getting out on the bike - after all that's what it's all about - and my philosophy is, the best preparation for a long bike ride is to ride a bike!

It's Monday April 4th and as I look out of my window it's a reasonable start to the day - it's cold but warming up. I will try to get out this lunchtime for a 20 mile ride and then a further 25 miles this evening. This Wednesday our Cycling club starts it's weekly evening 'Pub Rides' - Gary and I enjoyed joining those last year and we'll be going out with them again. For me that means I will sometimes ride in excess of 60 miles in an evening - good training - but I'd better not mention the beer!

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